Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Lineup

With break quickly approaching, I decided to put together a list of all the fun things I want to do with my boys this summer.

Picnic (free, except for food)
Millennium Park fountain
Lincoln Park Zoo (free, except for parking)
Brookfield Zoo (I will only need an adult membership – my kids are under 3, so it’s free for them!)
Monkey Joe’s ($70 for 10 visit pass)
Swim lessons (~$70 at my local park district)
Water balloon fight
Neighborhood pool
Library story time
Schaumburg Farm (free)
Travel the world (learn about different countries online and then cook cuisine from those cultures)
$1.00 kids movies
Local parks (create a “park passport”)
Draw on driveway with chalk
Randall Road Petting Zoo (should only cost ~$10-15 total)
Make race tracks for toy cars out of rain gutters
Put seed in our bird feeder and watch the birds
AMF – free bowling
Alphabet tour (take one picture of something for each letter from the alphabet)
Splash park (shouldn’t be more than $20)
Draw on windows with window markers
Feed the ducks
Hula hoop contest
Local trails
Bass Pro Shop
Create a tin foil river in the back yard
Chuck E Cheese
Mall playgrounds
Find a big open field for Evan to go crazy!
Kiddie pool
Make a playhouse out of a huge cardboard box
Experiment with baking soda and vinegar
Look for shapes in the clouds
Create paper bag puppets

We’re going to be living on one income over the summer; things will be tighter than usual, so I plan to pay for any memberships/lessons in the near future, while we still have two paychecks coming in.

This will be my first summer off since 2005 - I am SOOOO excited! :)

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